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We are graduate teachers fighting for workplace improvements including a living wage, better healthcare, and safe and healthy working conditions.

We are standing together in the fight for more control in our workplace and more respect for our indispensable work at the University of Kansas.

We are GTAC AFT Local 6403.

When we organize, we win! Join us today: tinyurl.com/JoinGTAC

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Our History

“United we bargain, divided we beg”

On April 8, 1992, GTAC’s first steering committee, comprised of David Reidy, John Robertson, Grant Hayden, Christina Sharp, and Dan Murtagh put forth a press release that stated their official intention to form a union. Their official announcement, submitted with “show of interest” cards signed by more than 50% of GTA’s employed at KU, marked the end of a stressful organizing period and formed what we now know as GTAC.

Since GTAC’s inception GTA’s at KU have enjoyed many improvements, including higher wages. These victories are the direct result of our union bargaining power. However, many of the issues that KU Graduate Workers originally faced – a lack of satisfactory health insurance, low wages, problematic grievance procedures, no childcare for graduate workers, and a desire for 12-month contracts in place of 9-month contracts – are the same issues we face as a union today.

GTAC’s original slogan, “United We Bargain: Divided We Beg,” is just as relevant today, especially in conjunction with the ethos we now embody: KU Works Because We Do.

KU Works Because We Do.

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