KU (Tries) To Cut GTA Health Insurance

Citing a “federal ruling,” KU will stop offering subsidized health insurance to its graduate student employees.

In a letter sent from the Office of the Provost, KU alerted its GTAs, GRAs, and GAs, that beginning on August 1, 2017, they will need to obtain and pay for their own health insurance. Currently, KU pays for 75% of the insurance premiums for students that have a full appointment–teaching two classes or working about 20 hours a week. Since graduate employees already pay for part of their insurance premiums, this likely constitutes a 300% increase in what they will pay.

Updated: 9/28/16, 9:20 PM

The “federal ruling” cited in the email is an interpretation of the Affordable Care Act, the same that caused the University of Missouri to threaten to cut graduate employees’ health insurance last year. The school reversed its decision after students threatened to walkout.

The Human Resources Department has scheduled two informational meetings about this decision.

Friday, Sept. 30, 11:45 am to 1 pm, 204 JRP Hall
Wednesday, Oct. 5, 4:45 pm to 6 pm, 204 JRP

Updated: We won!

Our hard-earned subsidies will remain intact! #solidarity