Did KU pay you for your work?

GTAs, GRAs, and GAs,

Apparently a significant number of you are not receiving your paychecks this week (and possibly may not receive a paycheck on Sept. 22 either). Obviously GTAC is very concerned about this, and we’re reaching out to Human Resources to figure out why this happened and why graduate students weren’t notified earlier about this issue.

We also want to help direct you on how best to receive support if you are one of the hundreds of graduate student employees not receiving pay this week.

  1. KU is offering “Endowment checks” – which are interest free loans – to affected graduate students. Go to Strong Hall 224 to request these checks. They are offering $250 – $500 checks, however if you need more DEMAND MORE. They will pay whatever you need. We are happy to support any of you through this process. Don’t hesitate to reach out.
  2. If you don’t yet have insurance, but you have enrolled, the insurance coverage will be backdated to August 1 – so you are still technically covered. You will have to pay out of pocket until this is fixed. If you need money for medications or other health care costs, let them know at the budget office in Strong Hall 224. You can also reach out to us and we will contact HR.
  3. If you tuition waiver has not gone through and you have a bill for tuition due – just ignore the bill. This issue is supposed to be fixed in the next few days. Once it does, the bill will be zeroed out. If you were relying on loans to make ends meet until you started getting paid, and you need those funds immediately, contact Linda Bonebrake (lbonebrake@ku.edu) or the Dean’s office (clasdean@ku.edu) directly. They can make funds available to you.

If you get ANY problem related to ANY of this, please let us know ASAP. We’re here to help.

You can email the GTAC president, David Cooper, directly (davydooks@gmail.com) or contact us through Facebook.

Hopefully this info helps you all to navigate this massive mess. We will be discussing this at our meeting on Wednesday, September 12, 7pm, at the ECM (1204 Oread Ave.)