General Meeting Agenda – 11 Oct 2018

Thursday, October 11, 2018, 7:30-9:30 PM

Nino Cipri, President

Old Business:
Introduction for New Members (20 min)
Leaders: Neill Kennedy and Hannah Allison
– What is a union?
– How do GTAC’s meetings work?
– Preview the night’s agenda

Officer Reports: (15 minutes)
– President: Nino Cipri
– Vice-President: Neill Kennedy
– Secretary: Conner Emberlin
– Treasurer: Ruth Stamper
Committee Chair Reports:
– Organizing/Membership: Hannah Allison
– Grievance: Justin Preddie
– Legislative/Negotiations: Patrick Gauding
– Communications: Mikaela Warner (Proxy by Elise Higgins)

New Business:
Equity and Access Forum (15 min)
Leaders: Justin Preddie and Abigail Barefoot
GTAC is opening a forum considering a new committee dedicated to internal Equity and Access. This new committee will require at least 5 dedicated members.

Committee Breakout Sessions (30 min)
– What is this committee working on?
– What work does this committee need done?
– Live Evaluation

Breakout options:
– Equity and Access: Abigail Barefoot
– Negotiations and Legislation: Patrick Gauding
– Communications: Elise Higgins
– Grievance and Stewards: Justin Preddie
– Grievance Intake: Ruth Stamper
– Organizing: Hannah Allison

Song: Solidarity Forever (2 min)