Newsletter – 28 November 2020

Happy Friday!

It’s not all contracts! Negotiations are just one part of the power of our union. We also work together every day to improve working conditions as GTAs. Check out some of our recent day-to-day improvements!

Here is GTAC activist Elise Higgins with Baby Zach! Zach is at home with Mom (not pictured) right now thanks to our brand new paid parental leave provision. Are you a GTA with questions about paid sick and parental leave? Hit reply to find out how it works!

Time is money! Did you know that you can’t work more than 20 hours per week on average with a .50 FTE? Many of our members were working more than allowed by their FTE but now have increased FTEs with accompanying increased salary and backpay or have had their hours adjusted downwards so they have more free time. Your maximum hours scale upwards/downwards based on your FTE – reply to this email with any questions!

No more “Empty Classroom Nomads”! Do you have adequate office space? As GTAs, you’re entitled to instructional resources comparable to other teachers including printing and office space. Check out our brand new GTA offices being built in JRP! Reply to this email to find out more.

Do you have building access? Many of our members now have keys to their buildings and offices – no more waiting in the weather for admin staff to arrive! Do you need keys? Reply to this email to find out more!

Are you still paying for printing? As a GTA, you’re entitled to free printing and other instructional resources for your courses. If you don’t have access to a free printer, hit us up on the reply and we’ll help you get it sorted out!

GTAC Mixer! Join us for a lowkey union hangout on Wednesday, November 14th from 7-9pm at Lucia on Mass in Lawrence. Kids are welcome at Lucia – we’ll largely be occupying the patio. Reply to this email with any questions!