Late Pay Raises – 6 Dec 2018

You may have received an email from KU regarding our Fall 2018 pay raise, which was not applied correctly. Please be aware that this email does not accurately represent the chain of events.

KU did not understand a specific provision regarding the timing of our pay raises and thereby did not correctly apply our hard-earned raise at the appropriate time. Because we are entitled to our full salary, KU was required to pay us according to our contract. Please understand that KU does not voluntarily give GTAs even one penny more than they are required by law and the only confusion was on the part of KU’s General Counsel, who does not specialize in labor law.

Additionally, although we have resolved the matter of the timing of this pay raise, KU is still currently and illegally denying $300,000.00 in raises to around 500 GTAs. GTAC has filed suit in this matter and we look forward a resolution in which affected GTAs receive their hard-earned raises.

KU’s Email re Late Pay Raises – 6 Dec 2018