Vice Provost for Operations Cancels x4 Contract Provisions

From: Rose Welch
Subject: Re: Tuesday, June 11, 2019, letter from AFT-Ks GTAC to the Chair of the Department of American Studies 

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A4S4 Grievance – June 2019.pdf

Mr. Rounds,

While we have concerns that this does not satisfy the spirit of our agreement, we do concede that your suggested resolution satisfies the letter of our agreement and we thereby agree with this resolution. In keeping with this resolution, please be advised the parties cannot comply with Article 4, Sections 3, 4, and 6a or Article 15, Section 5 and as there is no Director, the University cannot complain that nonobservance of these provisions is a violation of our agreement. We have dropped a written notice of our agreement with your resolution into the mail in case you need a paper copy and attached a copy to this email for your convenience. We are pleased that we were able to reach a resolution of this grievance and look forward to using your organizational update as a platform to work together to build a harmonious and cooperative working relationship with University administration, as we already enjoy on every other level of our University. Thank you for your time.In solidarity,

Rose M. Welch
Organizer, AFT-Kansas
Office: 785-235-0262
Cell: 785-640-4640

From: Human Resource Management-KU <>
Sent: Friday, June 14, 2019 2:27:03 PM
To: Rose Welch
Cc:; Zane, Holly R.
Subject: Tuesday, June 11, 2019, letter from AFT-Ks GTAC to the Chair of the Department of American Studies 

On Behalf of Mike Rounds

Dear Ms. Welch: 

I have received your “grievance” regarding the name of the Director of Human Resource Management.  Please note that your desire to make Ola Faucher’s retirement the subject of a grievance is unnecessary and is a waste of your time and ours.  The MOA requires the University to tell GTAC who is the Director.  At this time, there is no Director, and therefore there is no violation of the Agreement.  Ms. Faucher’s retirement was announced weeks ago, and I understand you were informed by Ms. Zane on June 12 (prior to learning of this “grievance”) who will be the lead contact for labor matters.  That’s what the union needs to know.  There is no harm caused to GTAC by the lack of a Director of HRM, so I recommend that we not waste time pursuing this “grievance,” so we can actually work towards the MOA’s goals of promoting harmonious and cooperative working relationships. 

Note, the MOA requires that grievances be brought to the chair of the department in which the circumstances arose.  You have ignored this provision, and your submission acknowledges that the circumstances of this “grievance” did not arise in the department.  For this reason, your grievance is denied. 

Mike Rounds
The University of Kansas