Newsletter – 29 March 2020

Now more than ever, we must stand together in solidarity.


Do you have questions about the online course transition? Are you concerned about summer funding and healthcare coverage? Do you need telemed services for medical or mental healthcare? Do you want childcare, transportation, hand sanitizer, or an additional year of funding? Do you have literally any other questions, concerns, or comments? Then take this ten-minute survey right now!

As graduate workers, we are entitled to a direct say in our working conditions and precedence within our administration’s consideration of overall University needs – both as working professionals and as advocates for our undergraduate students, faculty colleagues, and support staff. So tomorrow morning, GTAC President Neill Kennedy and Political Chair Patrick Gauding will be meeting with new Provost Barbara Bichelmeyer via Zoom to discuss how we can best partner to meet these needs. Our meeting will center on your priorities – to get your needs, questions, and concerns right up front where GTAs belong, take this ten-minute survey right now.

We’re really serious, y’all. Take the 10-Minute Survey right now!

Along with the power to direct our own work, we also deserve a straightforward and accessible route to information. So after you’ve taken the survey, click here to RSVP for our Zoom meeting at 4pm tomorrow. We’ll be covering our meeting with Provost Bichelmeyer, how our work is affected by COVID-19, and our rights and responsibilities during this difficult time. Along with this, we’ll have an “On the Ground” look from veteran nurse Mariah Lester, our union sister from KU Med in Kansas City, followed by as much Q&A as humanly possible. But also, we’re really not kidding – please take this ten-minute survey right now. And thank you for standing together with our union.

This is the time when our solidarity matters more than ever – click here to become a dues paying member of GTAC. Please reach out to GTAC organizer Rose Welch at or via text at 785-640-4640 if you have any questions, concerns, or immediate needs and take the survey right now to help us help one another.

In solidarity,
Neill Kennedy