GTAC Social Chats!


What Happens in GTAC Chats Stays in GTAC Chats: Worker solidarity requires mutual trust. Our ability to freely share makes our union great. Respect the privacy of our comrades. Do not pass on posts, images, stories, or comments shared by other workers without their explicit permission.

Be Kice and Use Neutral Pronouns: Do not engage in racism, transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, antisemitism, or any other bigotry. If addressing other workers, do your best to use neutral pronouns unless they have personally told you they prefer a different pronoun.

Stand in Solidarity: Do not attack or threaten other workers in our chat. Passion is great! But so is perspective, and we’re all in this together. (An attack is addressed to/about a person or a value of a person, whereas a rebuttal to an argument is not an attack.)

No Really – Stand in Solidarity: We don’t have to like or love everyone else to stand together as workers and treat one another with respect. If a moderator feels that a worker is unable to act in solidarity with other workers, you will be removed.

Okay But Not Always: We have no solidarity with abusers. If you have concerns about the engagement of specific workers either within this space or in another medium, please send the facilitator a private chat and/or email us at All reports are confidential.

We Stand Together: Please use “I” statements as you share your thoughts and in responding to others. Ask open-ended questions and make space for everyone to share and participate.

Email GTAC with Questions, Concerns, or Thanks: Please email us at – it’s difficult to respond to private chats and they’re not saved. Sending an email is much better!

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