Email to Provost – 24 June 2020

SUBJ: 5pm Meeting link?

Hello Barb!

Regarding your 5pm meeting today: It is our understanding that your agenda includes GTA-related topics. Unfortunately, GTAC President Neill Kennedy is dealing with another covid-related death in the family this week. If an invitation was sent to her, please accept our apologies and forward this information to me as soon as possible.

If you are not inviting GTAC to this meeting, can you please confirm that this meeting will not touch on any GTA issues, including our right to teach online for Fall 2020? As you know, GTAC is the the sole and exclusive representative for Graduate Teaching Assistants at the University of Kansas with the right to negotiate our own safe and healthy working conditions. As such, we have a right to be involved in all decision-making regarding our work.

Thanks and best wishes on your own health and safety.

Rose M. Welch
Organizer, AFT-Kansas
Office: 785-235-0262
Cell: 785-640-4640

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