Organizing Committee

Article V.        Duties of Standing Committees

The chair of each standing committee shall preside over all committee meetings, including setting the agenda, providing notice to all members, reporting on business to the Steering Committee, ensuring that appropriate records are kept, supervise and coordinate the work of members, and otherwise supervise and participate in committee business. The role of the chair within their committee is to ensure smooth operations; as such, their role is administrative and carries no additional weight or voting power. The role of the chair within the Steering Committee is as an elected chair, with the weight of their committee. Each chair shall present its annual report and campaign of action to the Steering Committee and at each general meeting. The committees are as follows:

Section 3.        Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee shall consist of one or more members, including the elected chair and the Vice-President, with the intent to build the union in size, power, and ability to represent members and provide a diverse program to address identified needs and interests. The Organizing Committee shall:

  1. Meet once monthly during the academic year to conduct the business of the committee;
  2. Oversee new member outreach and induction programs, including
  3. New Employee Orientation at Fall and Spring Orientation;
  4. First Friend, Best Friend Program; and
  5. Regular new unit member office visit campaigns; and
  6. Other organizing activities aimed at new unit members.
  7. Provide an array of unit membership involvement opportunities;
  8. Develop and conduct unit member mobilization campaigns around issues of importance;
  9. Develop and conduct a unit member mobilization campaign during contract negotiations; and
  10. Work to ensure a smooth transition of duties and knowledge to new members and chairs.