KU Labor Day Student Strike Info – Discipline Process

What happens if I am counseled or disciplined?
Within our union negotiated process of progress discipline, KU “shall apply the least severe discipline possible” which “will reasonably accomplish the desired alteration of conduct or performance”. Your chair must consider your work history, any mitigating circumstances, and nature of the incident. Because the undesirable conduct is that you cancelled work duties to engage in political protest, your chair should consider any past incidents of cancelling work duties.

If you have have not previously been counseled or disciplined for being absent without leave, your department chair should begin with counseling. If you have previously been counseled for cancelling work duties, your department chair could choose to schedule another counseling meeting or to escalate to other discipline. At every step of this process after counseling, you have the right to grieve (appeal) this discipline, and trained GTAC union stewards are available to represent you. This chart details our progressive discipline process. (If you are interested in steward training, click here!)

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