2020 Contract Negotiations Team

Patrick Gauding is a GTA in the Department of Political Science and is in his 11th semester of teaching. Patrick works as an Instructor of Record teaching courses in American politics and public policy, and has taught over 400 undergraduate and graduate students. Patrick has previously served as a union steward and as a Negotiations Team member in 2018.

“My favorite GTAC ‘moment’ is actually the growth of our union over the last few years. Watching my colleagues learn to see and grasp the power we hold together as a union has been truly inspiring. Every time we stand together to create safe and fair working conditions for GTAs and other KU workers, every time we utilize our strength to build a better University for our students, I know that’s the real power of our union.

Katie Hinders is a GTA in the Department of Film and Media Studies, and is in her 7th semester of teaching. Katie works as an Instructor of Record and has taught over 250 students. Teaching a broad range of topics in the FMS department has challenged Katie to expand her horizons and demonstrated the importance of standing together in union to ensure that all GTAs are protected from exploitation.

My favorite GTAC moment happened during a statewide union training. So many kinds of workers were there – from Steelworkers to Teamsters to K12 teachers – and it was affirming to see how much everyone truly cared about our work as GTAs. At the same time, learning about our union history and strategies to achieve our goals cemented my resolve to stand in solidarity with my union comrades.

Zach Madison is a GTA in the department of American Studies. This is his second year teaching at KU. Zach serves as a Negotiations Committee member for 2020 and is a proud member and supporter of GTAC and the labor movement.

Neill Kennedy is a GTA in the Department of American Studies and is currently in her seventh semester of teaching. Neill works as an Instructor of Record for multiple American Studies courses, all of which are part of KU’s core curriculum. She has taught over three hundred students. Neill has previously served as a union steward, the Organizing Co-Chair, the Vice-President, and now as the President of GTAC. As GTAC President, Neill is a de facto member of the Negotiations Team and is available as an alternate.

My favorite GTAC memory isn’t a single event, but rather the camaraderie and the friendships I’ve built with my colleagues since joining my union in our efforts to make KU a more equitable institution for all.