GTAC Newsletter – 17 September 2020

“The only effective answer to organized greed is organized labor.” ―AFL-CIO

Dear Comrades,

It’s negotiations time! Starting on Wednesday afternoon, our GTAC Negotiations Team will begin to directly negotiate our salarybenefits, and working conditions with the University of Kansas. While GTAC has achieved four raises over the last two years, we still make over $6k less than the average GTA in the US.

This year, we’re fighting for affordable year-round health insurance, a salary increase to match average GTA pay across the country, and a waiver for campus fees. We can win if we stand together in union. All GTAs are members of our union, but KU admin judges our union power solely by our number of dues members. Will you stand with us and join our union today?

General Meeting on Wednesday! Join us on Zoom at 6pm on Wednesday, September 23rd for our Fall 2020 General Meeting. We will be reporting on contract negotiations, updated Covid-19 info for GTAs, and voting on three proposed amendments to our bylaws. Every GTA should join us! But remember that only dues members can vote on our bylaws, contracts, or other official business.

Did you know? Right now, International GTAs are being forced to learn and teach in-person with no active health insurance. Our student health insurance plan became effective on August 1st, 2020 for everyone except International students. Why? No one knows and KU refuses to say. We demand an explanation, a written plan of action, and immediate access to health services for all International workers and students. Stand with International workers and students by signing this petition.

Oh and by the way? GTAs aren’t subject to HIPAA and KU admins are not trustworthy sources for medical advice. Read more here.

Want to hear more GTA news sooner? Join our private GTA-only Facebook Group and join the GTAC Slack by emailing our Communication officer Katie Hinders.

In solidarity,
Graduate Teaching Assistants Coalition
AFT Local 6403

Glad to be a part of a labor union? This is a time when our solidarity matters more than ever – click here to become a dues paying member of GTAC.

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