General Meeting 9/27 Notes

GTAC General Meeting 9/27/2023

  1. Meet your union officer
  2. Katie introduces our union and officers; we also share what we are teaching/researching
  3. Contract update
    1. Katie gives brief contract overview
    1. Zach goes into more detail about our contract and why we have gone to fact-finding and hearing
    1. Zach then moves to how we can get a contract
  4. How to get involved in your union
    1. As a large group: Union activities planning for the fall semester
      1. TabelingUnion stamps for papersFamous people buy-inOfficer door signageCommunication
        1. 1% of the budget teaches x% of the classesHow many students are we teaching over time?KU Admin salaries
    1. Smaller groups activities:
      1. Button-making with Shane
      1. Organizing with Ryan & Christian
      1. Teaching Questions with Neill
      1. Contract Questions with Zach & AK
      1. Union Questions with Katie