Workers Picket in San Diego, CA – November, 2022. Photo courtesy of Fair UC Now. Friday, November 25, 2022 Lawrence, KS – The KU graduate employee union stands in solidarity with the four bargaining units of precarious and contingent academic workers on strike at the University of California. Public agencies have a special obligation toContinue reading “UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS GRADUATE EMPLOYEE UNION STANDS IN SOLIDARITY WITH UC STRIKE”


November 10, 2022 The Graduate Teaching Assistants Coalition (GTAC AFT-Local 6403) is in solidarity with all Indigenous students, employees, and communities who are affected by the University of Kansas holding Indigenous human remains and funerary items. It is the responsibility of the university as an institution of knowledge, a public entity, and a community ofContinue reading “GTAC CONDEMNS KU HOLDING INDIGENOUS ANCESTRAL REMAINS ON CAMPUS”

Proposed Contract Rejected by Membership Vote

On Thursday, December 7, 2021, the following email was sent to all GTAs at KU regarding the recent contract ratification vote: Dear fellow GTAs: On Thursday, December 2, 2021, GTAC held a ratification vote for the proposed GTA contract. Thank you to all who attended, asked questions, and raised concerns during this meeting. After overContinue reading “Proposed Contract Rejected by Membership Vote”

GTAC Stands in Solidarity with Niya McAdoo

This statement expresses GTAC’s solidarity with KU Student Body President Niya McAdoo who has faced racist and misogynistic abuse as a result of a retweet containing the message “Death to America.” GTAC unequivocally supports both McAdoo’s right to free speech and the statement itself. We want to acknowledge the broad historical context of this statementContinue reading “GTAC Stands in Solidarity with Niya McAdoo”

GTAC’s Response to the Provost’s Statement issued on August 20, 2021

During the past summer, Graduate Teaching Assistants at the University of Kansas fought to survive another summer of unemployment amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the past month, areas across the United States, including Lawrence, have seen a resurgence of the virus, especially the more contagious Delta variant. In response to this ever-changing and increasingly threateningContinue reading “GTAC’s Response to the Provost’s Statement issued on August 20, 2021”

GTAC Newsletter – 17 September 2020

“The only effective answer to organized greed is organized labor.” ―AFL-CIO Dear Comrades, It’s negotiations time! Starting on Wednesday afternoon, our GTAC Negotiations Team will begin to directly negotiate our salary, benefits, and working conditions with the University of Kansas. While GTAC has achieved four raises over the last two years, we still make over $6k less than the average GTA in theContinue reading “GTAC Newsletter – 17 September 2020”

2020 Contract Negotiations Team

Patrick Gauding is a GTA in the Department of Political Science and is in his 11th semester of teaching. Patrick works as an Instructor of Record teaching courses in American politics and public policy, and has taught over 400 undergraduate and graduate students. Patrick has previously served as a union steward and as a NegotiationsContinue reading “2020 Contract Negotiations Team”

Not Your Doctor, Not Your Lawyer, & Definitely Not Your Friend

Regarding the recent misinformation within an email from KU Provost Barb Bichelmeyer: “Instructor Reminder: If you learn that a member of your classroom or your department has tested positive and you’ve been following physical distance guidelines, adhering to classroom configuration and wearing masks, you and your students would not be considered a close contact. PleaseContinue reading “Not Your Doctor, Not Your Lawyer, & Definitely Not Your Friend”