Vice Provost for Operations Cancels x4 Contract Provisions

From: Rose WelchTo: m528r913@ku.eduCc: nkennedy1995@gmail.comSubject: Re: Tuesday, June 11, 2019, letter from AFT-Ks GTAC to the Chair of the Department of American Studies  1 attachments (541 KB)A4S4 Grievance – June 2019.pdf Mr. Rounds, While we have concerns that this does not satisfy the spirit of our agreement, we do concede that your suggested resolution satisfies theContinue reading “Vice Provost for Operations Cancels x4 Contract Provisions”

Why I Joined GTAC

Casey Keel Ph.D. Candidate, English In my time at the University of Kansas, the University of Kansas has undergone 2 massive budget cuts. In spring 2016, the university had to reduce its budget by $7 million to adjust for then Gov. Sam Brownback’s $30+ million cut to Kansas’s institutions of higher education and in spring 2018, the university—due to faultyContinue reading “Why I Joined GTAC”

AFT/GTAC Defends Intl Workers Against Attack

Are you an international student and a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Kansas? Are you concerned about the new visa rules? As a GTA at the University of Kansas, you are a unit member of the Graduate Teaching Assistants Coalition, a worker’s union formed in 1995 to advocate for our rights in theContinue reading “AFT/GTAC Defends Intl Workers Against Attack”

Late Pay Raises – 6 Dec 2018

You may have received an email from KU regarding our Fall 2018 pay raise, which was not applied correctly. Please be aware that this email does not accurately represent the chain of events. KU did not understand a specific provision regarding the timing of our pay raises and thereby did not correctly apply our hard-earnedContinue reading “Late Pay Raises – 6 Dec 2018”

Newsletter – 28 November 2020

Happy Friday! It’s not all contracts! Negotiations are just one part of the power of our union. We also work together every day to improve working conditions as GTAs. Check out some of our recent day-to-day improvements! Here is GTAC activist Elise Higgins with Baby Zach! Zach is at home with Mom (not pictured) right now thanks toContinue reading “Newsletter – 28 November 2020”

General Meeting Agenda – 11 Oct 2018

GTAC GENERAL MEETING AGENDA Thursday, October 11, 2018, 7:30-9:30 PM Welcome Nino Cipri, President Old Business: Introduction for New Members (20 min) Leaders: Neill Kennedy and Hannah Allison – What is a union? – How do GTAC’s meetings work? – Preview the night’s agenda Officer Reports: (15 minutes) – President: Nino Cipri – Vice-President: NeillContinue reading “General Meeting Agenda – 11 Oct 2018”