Steering Committee Meeting Agenda 7/7

SC 7/7 Agenda: Officer Reports: President  Treasurer  Secretary  Grievance  Communications Organizing  Political  Old Business:  International Students Faculty Demands How zoom sessions went New Business: Response to Admin/Strategy to ensure GTAs control their working conditions  Social Media Policy X-campus Coalition Tie up loose ends/make sure work is delegated and being done

General Meeting Agenda – 30 Jan 2020

Food, Drinks, Mingle: 7:00pm Approval of minutes and agenda: 7:30pm Officer and Chair Reports: 7:35pm President: Announcement of GTAC’s first sponsored academic event   Secretary: Treasurer: Organizing: Rollout of this semester’s action packs Grievance: Political: Communications: Old Business: Successes of Last Semester: 7:45pm New Business: Negotiations Team Structure Discuss and VOTE: 7:50pm Discussion on whetherContinue reading “General Meeting Agenda – 30 Jan 2020”

Steering Committee Meeting Agenda – 12 Aug 2019

Approval of minutes and agenda Officer Reports: <5 minutes each President: Secretary: Treasurer: Committee Chair Reports: 5-10 minutes each Organizing: Grievance: Political: Communications: Old Business: Recap of last year (5 minutes) New Business: Chair Transitions (5 minutes) New Grievances (5-10 minutes) Labor Notes: turnout/registration and sides (10 minutes) New Member Organizer (5-10 minutes) New GTAContinue reading “Steering Committee Meeting Agenda – 12 Aug 2019”