Email to Provost – 24 June 2020

SUBJ: 5pm Meeting link? Hello Barb! Regarding your 5pm meeting today: It is our understanding that your agenda includes GTA-related topics. Unfortunately, GTAC President Neill Kennedy is dealing with another covid-related death in the family this week. If an invitation was sent to her, please accept our apologies and forward this information to me as soonContinue reading “Email to Provost – 24 June 2020”

Online Teaching Default Email – 23 June 2020

SUBJ: GTA Online Teaching Default for Fall 2020 Dear Dr. [NAME], As the business agent for the Graduate Teaching Assistants Coalition, AFT Local 6403, I’d like to begin by expressing my sympathy regarding the many confusing communications from our administration regarding unilateral changes to Fall 2020 working conditions. As we move through this unprecedented situation,Continue reading “Online Teaching Default Email – 23 June 2020”

What is the GTAC Win-Win Plan for Fall 2020?

This document was a working piece used by GTAC officers over Summer 2020. KU refused to negotiate with us, so these proposals were never adopted. In response, GTAC filed four labor violation charges against the University of Kansas. See the media statement and associated charges here. Since then, we have enforced our right to chooseContinue reading “What is the GTAC Win-Win Plan for Fall 2020?”

What is the KU (P)lan for Fall 2020?

The rapidly changing plan being touted by KU administrators, widely referred to as the KU (P)lan, has few cornerstones available for analysis and a number of deficiencies which must be addressed before this plan can be seriously considered. (Click here to review the GTAC Win-Win Plan, a safe and responsible alternative to the deadly KUContinue reading “What is the KU (P)lan for Fall 2020?”

What does the ADA say about the KU (P)lan?

Below is an excerpt from a faculty-centered article from the Chronicle of Higher Education. Please note that every provision referenced for faculty members applies equally to Graduate Teaching Assistants at the University of Kansas. The Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act would allow faculty members who have a physical or mental impairment that “substantially limitsContinue reading “What does the ADA say about the KU (P)lan?”

Second Request for Confirmation of KU Agent

From: Thornton, Julie A. <>Sent: Monday, April 27, 2020 3:14 PMTo: Gauding, Patrick John <>Cc: Neill Kennedy <>, Rose Welch <>, Leitch, Michael <>Subject: RE: federal work study inquiry Patrick, to specifically answer your question. GTAships, FTEs, or rights as unionized workers within the GTAC AFT Local 6403 unit will not be impacted by whether their money comes from FAFSA/FWSContinue reading “Second Request for Confirmation of KU Agent”

Don’t Let KU Steal Your IP!

Have you ever created your own course materials? According to Article 8, Section 1, the University is required to provide any and all materials needed fulfill our job duties and those materials must be comparable to other academic workers, including faculty. (No, you probably cannot file a grievance because you don’t have a window inContinue reading “Don’t Let KU Steal Your IP!”

Turning Budget Woes Into Flows

Have you heard about the budget cuts and the ones before that and the ones before that? Guess what? WE FIXED IT! Okay, we haven’t actually fixed it yet BUT we are pleased to announce that within our own analysis of the finances of our University, as assisted by our Research & Strategic Initiatives Department at the American Federation ofContinue reading “Turning Budget Woes Into Flows”