Late Pay Raises – 6 Dec 2018

You may have received an email from KU regarding our Fall 2018 pay raise, which was not applied correctly. Please be aware that this email does not accurately represent the chain of events. KU did not understand a specific provision regarding the timing of our pay raises and thereby did not correctly apply our hard-earnedContinue reading “Late Pay Raises – 6 Dec 2018”

GTAC Elections for 2018-2019

We are announcing the opening of nominations for elections to all GTAC leadership positions for next academic year! GTAC has open nominations for steering committee positions between August 16-September 16th  You can find information about the different available positions and their responsibilities below. You can self-nominate or nominate anyone you think would be able toContinue reading “GTAC Elections for 2018-2019”

Tuition Waivers Are NOT Income!

Universities balance their budgets on the backs of graduate students. In a way, we sign up for years of living paycheck-to-paycheck, working hard to make ends meet. The minimum salary for a full-time graduate teaching assistant at KU is $15,500 — that’s about 129% of the federal poverty level, if you’re a single adult withContinue reading “Tuition Waivers Are NOT Income!”

Did KU pay you for your work?

GTAs, GRAs, and GAs, Apparently a significant number of you are not receiving your paychecks this week (and possibly may not receive a paycheck on Sept. 22 either). Obviously GTAC is very concerned about this, and we’re reaching out to Human Resources to figure out why this happened and why graduate students weren’t notified earlierContinue reading “Did KU pay you for your work?”

KU (Tries) To Cut GTA Health Insurance

Citing a “federal ruling,” KU will stop offering subsidized health insurance to its graduate student employees. In a letter sent from the Office of the Provost, KU alerted its GTAs, GRAs, and GAs, that beginning on August 1, 2017, they will need to obtain and pay for their own health insurance. Currently, KU pays forContinue reading “KU (Tries) To Cut GTA Health Insurance”