Newsletter – 5 February 2020

Well, we’re three weeks into the semester and so far, we’ve survived! Let’s celebrate with a free screening of “The Revolutionist: Eugene V. Debs,” on February 12th at 6 pm in Forum AB in the Burge Union. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion featuring the producer of the film, the president of the Debs Foundation, andContinue reading “Newsletter – 5 February 2020”

Newsletter – 9 December 2019

Welcome back from the break! In this newsletter, we’re gonna talk about our upcoming events and contract negotiations but let’s start with some real talk about our union. Top: GTAC/AFT-Ks Members & Family w Ks Governor Laura KelleyBottom: GTAC/AFT-Ks Members & Family w Ks Secy of Labor Delia Garciaand union organizer and worker’s right icon Dolores HuertaContinue reading “Newsletter – 9 December 2019”

AFT/GTAC Defends Intl Workers Against Attack

Are you an international student and a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Kansas? Are you concerned about the new visa rules? As a GTA at the University of Kansas, you are a unit member of the Graduate Teaching Assistants Coalition, a worker’s union formed in 1995 to advocate for our rights in theContinue reading “AFT/GTAC Defends Intl Workers Against Attack”

Late Pay Raises – 6 Dec 2018

You may have received an email from KU regarding our Fall 2018 pay raise, which was not applied correctly. Please be aware that this email does not accurately represent the chain of events. KU did not understand a specific provision regarding the timing of our pay raises and thereby did not correctly apply our hard-earnedContinue reading “Late Pay Raises – 6 Dec 2018”

Newsletter – 28 November 2020

Happy Friday! It’s not all contracts! Negotiations are just one part of the power of our union. We also work together every day to improve working conditions as GTAs. Check out some of our recent day-to-day improvements! Here is GTAC activist Elise Higgins with Baby Zach! Zach is at home with Mom (not pictured) right now thanks toContinue reading “Newsletter – 28 November 2020”

Newsletter – 20 September 2018

You may have heard that we recently won three years of guaranteed raises after negotiating in union with the University of Kansas, but if not… Good news! We’re getting raises! $750 per year for the next three years, starting in October! Read Lawrence Journal World article here: In previous years, confusion caused some departments to notContinue reading “Newsletter – 20 September 2018”