GTAC Stands in Solidarity with Niya McAdoo

This statement expresses GTAC’s solidarity with KU Student Body President Niya McAdoo who has faced racist and misogynistic abuse as a result of a retweet containing the message “Death to America.” GTAC unequivocally supports both McAdoo’s right to free speech and the statement itself. We want to acknowledge the broad historical context of this statementContinue reading “GTAC Stands in Solidarity with Niya McAdoo”

GTAC’s Response to the Provost’s Statement issued on August 20, 2021

During the past summer, Graduate Teaching Assistants at the University of Kansas fought to survive another summer of unemployment amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the past month, areas across the United States, including Lawrence, have seen a resurgence of the virus, especially the more contagious Delta variant. In response to this ever-changing and increasingly threateningContinue reading “GTAC’s Response to the Provost’s Statement issued on August 20, 2021”

GTA-to-GTA Online Teaching Q&A

How do I get captioning into my lectures? What are the best practices to increase engagement in the online format? How can we be inclusive and address the needs of International undergraduate students? Join GTAC on Thursday for a GTA-to-GTA Online Teaching Q&A via Zoom!  On Thursday, September 3rd, GTAC hosted a Teaching Online Co-LearningContinue reading “GTA-to-GTA Online Teaching Q&A”