GTAC Newsletter – 17 September 2020

“The only effective answer to organized greed is organized labor.” ―AFL-CIO Dear Comrades, It’s negotiations time! Starting on Wednesday afternoon, our GTAC Negotiations Team will begin to directly negotiate our salary, benefits, and working conditions with the University of Kansas. While GTAC has achieved four raises over the last two years, we still make over $6k less than the average GTA in theContinue reading “GTAC Newsletter – 17 September 2020”

2020 Contract Negotiations Team

Patrick Gauding is a GTA in the Department of Political Science and is in his 11th semester of teaching. Patrick works as an Instructor of Record teaching courses in American politics and public policy, and has taught over 400 undergraduate and graduate students. Patrick has previously served as a union steward and as a NegotiationsContinue reading “2020 Contract Negotiations Team”

Not Your Doctor, Not Your Lawyer, & Definitely Not Your Friend

Regarding the recent misinformation within an email from KU Provost Barb Bichelmeyer: “Instructor Reminder: If you learn that a member of your classroom or your department has tested positive and you’ve been following physical distance guidelines, adhering to classroom configuration and wearing masks, you and your students would not be considered a close contact. PleaseContinue reading “Not Your Doctor, Not Your Lawyer, & Definitely Not Your Friend”

GTAC Newsletter – 9 September 2020

“The only effective answer to organized greed is organized labor.” ―AFL-CIO Dear Friend, Today is Labor Day, a holiday intended for workers like us to celebrate these victories and enjoy rest from work. Meanwhile, the rest of the world takes May Day to commemorate the martyrs of the 1886 Haymarket Affair in Chicago, who died fighting for a balance betweenContinue reading “GTAC Newsletter – 9 September 2020”

KU Labor Day Student Strike Info – Discipline Process

What happens if I am counseled or disciplined?Within our union negotiated process of progress discipline, KU “shall apply the least severe discipline possible” which “will reasonably accomplish the desired alteration of conduct or performance”. Your chair must consider your work history, any mitigating circumstances, and nature of the incident. Because the undesirable conduct is thatContinue reading “KU Labor Day Student Strike Info – Discipline Process”

KU Labor Day Student Strike Info – Before Discipline

What if following my departmental policy means that I can’t reschedule or move my class?If your departmental policy says that you must seek permission and permission is denied, and you choose to participate in the KU Labor Day Student Strike, you could be at risk of discipline. This chart details the steps taken before youContinue reading “KU Labor Day Student Strike Info – Before Discipline”

Re: University Concerns about GTAC Communications

Most links are not contained within the original email. They are added here for reader context. Sat 9/5/2020 6:49 PMFrom: Gauding, Patrick JohnTo: Julie A. ThorntonCc: Rose Welch; Neill Kennedy; Rounds, Mike; Leitch, MichaelSubject: University Concerns about GTAC Communications Dear Julie, We appreciate your reaching out to us on this issue and are glad to see more open communication from KU. While neither RoseContinue reading “Re: University Concerns about GTAC Communications”